About Kiddos.care

We offer an intuitive way for child care centres to connect with clients uisng a video chat platform designed with simplicity in mind.

Manage appointments and connect with your clients directly from your Kiddos dashboard.

Examples of Services:

  • Communication Therapy
  • Developmental Medicine
  • Early Intervention
  • Family Services
  • Equipment
  • Eating Skills
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Infant Development
  • Supported Child Development

Why Kiddos.care?

Practice efficiency

Therapists will be able to save time by seeing clients outside the office or even traditional hours offering more flexibility for your new and existing clients.

Quality of care increase

This tool will allow for better follow up when you cannot see your clients in person.

Patient preference

While a virtual visit may be the only option for some clients, it could become the preferred visit modality for clients seeking to save time and receive immediate support.

More flexibility

Many Therapists find that telehealth allows them to think differently about how and when encounters occur. For example, some therapists can easily offer weekend or evening appointments. Some find that they can work from home part of the time and improve their work/life balance.

Review Details

Therapists can review clients details, attach images, share files as well as use an instant message to schedule a follow-up video call if needed.

Schedule and manage appointments instantly

Your availability is at your fingertips. You can quickly set up your appointments this way everyone is on the same page and there's never a double-booking. Need to manage your availability quickly? No sweat. You can update, reschedule or cancel appointments in seconds.

Appointment Confirmations using SMS and Email

Once you have scheduled an appointment, your clients will receive an immediate confirmation along with a direct link to their appointment time.

For more infomation contact us at getstarted@kiddos.care